About Us

Dr. Deborah Diaz, DC

I grew up in a multi-generational Puerto Rican/Spanish home. My grandparents lived upstairs, and my sister and I lived with our parents on the second floor, while a few uncles lived on the bottom floor. I was raised in a loving Latino home with many family members around to take care me. My family was poor in the material world, but we were rich with an abundant of love. As a Latino family, we cherished the children and respected the elders. Growing up in a traditional Puerto Rican/Spanish multi-generational home, one of our foundational values was that everyone worked to create a better life for the children and a comfortable home for the elders.

At a young age, I lost my mother and father. At that time, I was raised by my grandparents, extended family, step dad, and his new wife. After my mother passed, I became a typical confused adolescent, searching for direction and stability. We lived outside of Manhattan, which became my playground. My step mom knew I needed help and introduced me to my first mentor when I was in high school, Dr. Jenkins.

Dr. Jenkins helped guide me to get on the right path. He asked me lots of questions that triggered my mind set toward what excited me. That’s when I discovered my passion for fitness and health. I began running and studying nutrition. I studied biological science as an undergraduate in college while searching for a career in the health field.

During the summers, I worked in many different departments at a local hospital. Although I loved working with patients, they were often very sick with little hope for recovery. At the hospital, I was working with the patients’ symptoms and not the causes of their health problems, which meant most of them did not get well.

I put myself though college by working at night and going to class and studying during the day. During my senior year in college, I attended a professional women’s convention, and the speaker was a female Doctor of Chiropractic who later became my second mentor.

In addition to school and work, I interned at Dr. Glenda’s chiropractic office. Chiropractic and Dr. Glenda’s office was my dream come true, and I knew I found my calling. Dr. Glenda’s patients were happy, getting well, and were excited their health issues were improving. I had finally found a health profession that encompassed every aspect of wellness that inspired me.

Chiropractic is a comprehensive approach to holistic health, spinal health, neurological health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, and so much more. Chiropractic facilitates the body’s natural response to dis-ease by releasing subluxations (spinal nerve interference causing dysfunction).

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I applied to a chiropractic college, and for the next four years, I worked at night to put myself through the graduate program and earn a doctorate in chiropractic. Chiropractic college was grueling. 16-hour days of classes, studies, and working as a catering manager created a strong desire for success in my profession.

After graduation, the first associated position I landed was at a Spanish-speaking clinic that I ran and quadrupled the patient base in a few months. Being bilingual and a woman was my niche, and patients loved that combination. I opened my first practice some time after, and within six months, I was seeing 100 patients per day. I opened a second practice and enjoyed the same level of success.

After giving birth to my second child, I sold my practice due to pregnancy complications and I lost a child at five months gestation. I continued to stay active in chiropractic academically, as a consultant and a nutritional counselor.

Now that my children are grown, I have returned to an active chiropractic practice. I am excited to help deliver adjustments that naturally heal the body through relieving subluxations and educate the community on how to take charge of their health.

At Monterey Chiropractic Care, our number one priority is to help our patients reach their health goals. We establish a game plan to achieve the patient’s desired health goals and deliver the best cooperative and innovative care possible to meet each patient’s aspirations.